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Donut Week 1: Atkinson’s Bakery (Washington Courthouse, Ohio)

While looking for the “best doughnuts in town” I came up with two options, according to Google. The first place I walked into to had nothing but glazed doughnuts. While I do not discriminate against any flavor of doughnut, I was looking for a bit more variety so I switch gears and went to the other bakery from my search.

Now, I am no stranger to this place, having discovered it a few months back and it quickly became absolute favorite! It is called Atkinson’s Bakery and is located in Washington Court House, Ohio. Definitely a hole in the wall. There is no dining, coffee is brewed in a Mr.Coffee, no credit card machine once so ever, no website or desire to have one (believe me I tried) but buddy, they are delicious, homemade, and fresh 4 days a week (closed Sat-Mon).

I should probably not admit this but the first time I went there, I proceeded to go 4 days in a row, then returned after the weekend for another 4 days... Yes, I have problems. I love this doughnut shop so much that I plan to play doughnut fairy one of these days and drop off a dozen to each my sister and sister-in-laws, as well as my parents. I am yet to have a disappointing doughnut but my absolute favorite is the caramel iced cream filled. Covered in homemade caramel icing and filled with fluffy cream, it is truly a delight.

So if you ever find yourself in the small town of Washington Court House, check it out!

- Ashton F. (Developer, Gapstow)


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