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Donut Week 5: Rock N Roll Donut Bar (Monterey, California)

When debating on where to go to get the best donuts in my area the same spot kept popping up catching my attention, Rock 'N' Roll Donut Bar. This shop is located at Cannery Row in Monterey. I had heard about this place before for having fun and big donuts, so I said why not! On arrival to the shop you are greeted by a donut man playing a guitar. Which happens to be the shops mascot and scattered around the decor.

While looking at the donuts they were offering they were different from the last time I had visited. This time along I ordered a classic maple bar, a coffee cake with mocha filling, a chocolate chip cookie dough, and a coco banana cream pie. Now trying to decide a favorite would be tough, before tasting I knew the coffee one would be it. I was wrong, the coco banana cream pie donut was amazing. There was a subtle hint of the banana as a filling and the coconut flakes on top with the whipped cream paired perfectly.

This shop is super colorful and bright with upbeat music playing. As the shop is located in a more touristy area this place does get a bit crowded and busy! Now if you are ever in Monterey looking for some fun and different donuts I recommend giving Rock 'N' Roll Donut Bar a look! they have an online ordering system utilizing Square and Weebly. If you'd like to see how these platforms compare to Shopify, click the links above! 

-Brianna S. (Designer, Gapstow)

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