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Who We Are

At Gapstow, we're here to help bridge the gap between where your business is now and where you'd like it to be.

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You might ask why the name Gapstow?

Well, not only does it have significance to our founder (he proposed to his wife there), but it also represents the bridge we build between your eCommerce goals and success. To build that bridge, you need a solid eCommerce strategy that outperforms the competition.


Process matters because it removes subjectivity and project fragmentation and replaces it with deadline-oriented & data-driven methodologies.


Communication creates clarity. At Gapstow, our relationships are partnerships, with a common goal of engineering success through well-planned and well-executed strategies.

& Execution

Organization is the key to operating a deadline and results-driven environment. Gapstow utilizes a variety of tools to achieve goals and enhance transparency.


Everything we touch has financial implications— whether cost savings, improving margins, or generating new revenue streams. We’re not only aware of these considerations, we’re bound by them.