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Amazon Store Setup and Product Listing Services

At Gapstow, we are dedicated to growing your brand on the world’s largest marketplace. Thousands of business owners are leveraging the power of Amazon’s immense customer base to achieve explosive eCommerce growth. That could be you. 

We, as your growth-oriented partner, deliver data-backed strategies and industry-leading methodologies to drive your business to the next level. After all, with over half of consumers starting their search for a new product on Amazon, it’s imperative to align your brand with one of the world’s most utilized. 

If you’re looking to expand your selling-potential and reach new levels of eCommerce success, you need the assistance of our full-service Amazon experts. Don’t wait - your potential customers aren’t.    

How Can Our Amazon Services Benefit Your Business?

No matter where you are in your journey to selling profitably on Amazon, our experts are here to help you exceed your goals. 

  • Initial Setup
  • Shopify + Amazon Integration
  • Optimization/SEO
  • Product Listings
  • Store Setup/Brand Registration

Increase Your Selling Potential with Amazon Setup Assistance and Services

As one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces in the world, Amazon has the potential to connect your brand with billions of eager shoppers. If you’re looking to expand your selling prospects and exponentially grow your business, our Amazon setup experts are here to lead you through the journey. 

Our Amazon Setup Experts Take The Workload Off Your Hands

  • Account 
  • Seller/Vendor Central 
  • Trademarking
  • Brand Registry 
  • Product Listings & Launch
  • Category Approval
  • Photo & Video Uploads
  • A+/EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)
  • Keyword Research
  • Pricing Input
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipment & Fulfillment 
  • FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)
  • Billing 
  • Reimbursements
  • Customer Support
  • Product Reviews
  • Seller Feedback
  • Initial Marketing Strategy/Advertising
  • International Marketplace Setup

By taking advantage of our vast knowledge and thorough expertise, you ensure that every detail is in place to comply with Amazon’s high standards, optimize business operations, and convert potential shoppers into happy, loyal buyers. 

With your goals and brand at the forefront of mind, we’ll present you with a turn-key Amazon store-front, and hands-on, practical assistance whenever you may need it during your new avenue of selling. We provide all the answers when you require insight, and take care of the mundane details when you just want the job done.  

During the setup process, every minute wasted means profit not going in your pocket. Expedite store-setup and start selling faster with the help of Gapstow’s Amazon experts.

Shopify + Amazon Integration  

Integrating your current Shopify store with Amazon (or vice-versa) opens a new door for your company’s selling potential. Leverage the vastness of Amazon’s customer base to gain more exposure for your brand. At Gapstow, we can walk you through the process to create a seamless transition to exponential business growth. 

Perfect For You… 

  • Better Market Research (Selling on multiple platforms allows you to glean a deeper understanding of market trends and strategies.)
  • Seamless Inventory Sync (Integrate Shopify with Amazon and take advantage of automatic updating and syncing of sales and inventory data.)
  • Transparent Business Model (Revenue easily deposits directly into your bank account 1-2 weeks after a product is delivered to a customer.)

… And For Your Customers

  • Simplified Payment System (Customers can opt to pay via Amazon on your Shopify site to expedite the checkout process.)
  • FBA Integration/Prime Eligibility for Shopify (If you opt into Fulfillment By Amazon, you can forward Shopify orders to Amazon, to consolidate inventory and reduce confusion. Doing so may also qualify your products for Amazon Prime delivery.)
  • Comparison Shopping Benefits (Customers enjoy the option to easily compare products and prices, as offered on Amazon’s product pages. When deals are visibly shown in this manner, customers are more likely to complete a purchase.)  

Take advantage of all that a Shopify/Amazon integration has to offer. Our Shopify experts can easily and effortlessly help you make the transition to a more rewarding way of doing eCommerce. 

Amplify Conversions with Amazon Optimization and Product SEO

Considering the perpetual battle for search engine visibility, thorough SEO expertise is essential to dominating Amazon’s ultra-competitive landscape. At Gapstow, we have the proven knowledge and vast experience to help you master the art of Amazon optimization and conquer your competition. 

Our Amazon optimization experts utilize advanced software and innovative listing techniques to increase your brand visibility, market prominence, and, of course, sales. We help you stay on top of an ever-evolving eCommerce landscape so your brand can become the primary choice of shoppers worldwide.         

Full-Scale Amazon Optimization Services

  • Account Audit 
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword and Exposure Analysis
  • Guaranteed-To-Convert Listings, Titles, and Descriptions
  • Compelling, On-Brand Copywriting
  • Benefit-Driven Imagery and Videos
  • Relevant and Valuable Categorical Organization
  • Product Review Acquisition Strategies 
  • User Engagement Analysis
  • Continuous, Progressive Optimizations
  • Advertising and PPC Improvements

At Gapstow, we are your dedicated partner, committed to your continued success. Our Amazon SEO specialists go the distance to dynamically optimize your products on a vastly comprehensive level. By expertly implementing our performance-driven Amazon optimization services, your Amazon leads are guaranteed to convert. 

Successful Amazon Listings Appease Amazon and Entice Shoppers 

In such a competitive online market, even the best products won’t show up without an expertly crafted Amazon listing strategy. At Gapstow, our specialists guide you through the process of creating a listing that satisfies Amazon’s selective algorithm while, at the same time, resonates with user search inquiries. 

Six Vital Content Areas of Listings That Convert

  • Title (We help you craft titles that incorporate thoroughly-researched keywords with attractive, persuasive language so shoppers are drawn to click.) 
  • Description (Our copywriters carefully construct your description to enhance product information and artfully intensify keyword usage.)
  • Bullet Points (Many customers don’t look past the bullet points, so we strategically highlight your product’s most important information here, while balancing it with subtly persuasive, conversion-focused language.)
  • Imagery (High-quality, benefit-driven product images enhance a user’s shopping experience and help them visualize your products in their lives, increasing the likelihood of purchase completion.) 
  • Videos (Informative, motivating videos bring your product to life, so we help you curate the best, most compelling content for your listings.)
  • A+/EBC (Enhanced Brand Content allows vendors to provide additional marketing content in key locations of a listing, which optimizes sales and increases conversion rates.)
  • Backend Keywords (Our Amazon listing experts meticulously analyze and add relevant, competitive backend keywords to increase your reach across the platform.)

Amazon’s product entry system is much more involved than other common eCommerce platforms. Our Amazon listing experts stay up-to-date with guidelines, restrictions, best practices, and terms of service. 

If you want your brand to remain compliant with this powerful eCommerce giant, you need the support of Gapstow’s Amazon specialists. The attention to detail and meticulous, personalized product listing assistance ensures that all of your components work fluidly together to convert more sales than ever before.  

Amazon Brand and Store Setup - Better Protection, Better Recognition

Say “good-bye” to an inconsistent brand image. With the help of our Amazon store setup experts, you can craft an on-brand visual experience for your customers - no matter where they shop. Amazon’s Brand Registry process gives you the freedom to design, market, and sell in a manner that best fits your unique brand. 

Plus, securing your position as a registered Amazon Brand prevents scammers from hijacking your name or products. As shoppers are demonstrating an increased caution with online buying, you can present to them a peace-of-mind guarantee. With a registered Amazon store, shoppers know immediately that your brand is deserving of their trust - and, consequently, their funds. 

Our Amazon Store Setup Specialists Can Help You:

  • Customize templates, images, and text placements for a more effective sales funnel. 
  • Organize products in a way that makes the most sense for your brand. 
  • Increase brand awareness with customized, sponsored ads, and up to three featured products. 
  • Analyze store data with more powerful reporting functions.
  • Protect your brand with automated systems to identify inauthentic, infringing, or inaccurate content on Amazon.
  • Secure your company’s image with enhanced product management tools and a simple violation reporting process. 

In such a competitive market, success is only achieved by differentiating your brand from the crowd. Let our experts guide you effortlessly through the Amazon store setup process. Doing so will increase your sales, bolster customer loyalty, and heighten brand awareness, all while protecting your most valuable asset - your brand.