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Global Animal Supplies: Site Audit

Global Animal Supplies USA


See UX.  We’ve got to tighten everything up.  I’d highly suggest that you purchase and configure a new theme.  I’d recommend putting together a branding packet (we can work on this for you).  This will provide the colors, fonts, etc.  The theory is that when someone sees your site, there should be no doubt that the site belongs to your brand.  

Images should be updated - they’re generally pixelated and should be higher res.

 Product pages aren’t terrible, but should be updated.  Updating to a new theme should help with this. 


There’s been no SEO done on this site.  Everything from indexing the site with Google to meta tags and descriptions need to be heavily updated.  

UX (user experience):

This theme needs to be upgraded.  We highly recommend Out Of The Sandbox.  They make fantastic and robust themes that can carry a brand much further than otherwise possible.  

Social Media:

It seems like social media integrations are installed but the accounts aren’t connected.  If those accounts exist, they should be connected for both seo/google ranking as well as potential sales.


No blog.  Need significant content updates for SEO purposes.  

Follow Up Questions:  

  • Do you make your own products or just distribute them?
  • Are your products drop shipped?
  • What are your shipping policies?  Free shipping?
  • Do you have a set branding package? - fonts, colors, etc.
  • Did you want to bring over the about us page from the South Africa site?