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Expertly handling all of the other important business things.

At Gapstow, we help businesses of all sizes successfully streamline, strategize, and scale their eCommerce operations. However, we can only do so if our operations are well in order, too. As our operational manager, you have the unique ability to ensure business flows smoothly. By doing so, you contribute to the prosperity of our company — and those of our clients.     

Position Responsibilities Include...
… implementing the processes and practices to foster an organized, productive work environment. 

As Gapstow’s operations manager, you will work closely with each of our employees to create and implement methods that increase the quality of work. You will ensure that all operations are carried out in a time-effective manner that fosters a healthy work environment and improves profitability. This may also include the improvement of management systems, examination of financial data, quality control, and legal compliance. 

Preferred Skills:
  • Three to five years experience as an operations manager or similar role
  • Thorough familiarity with business and financial principles
  • Knowledge of organizational and operational management systems
  • Positive, approachable, and collaborative attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-starter with the motivation to confidently own responsibilities in a remote setting

What You Get In Return:
  • Comfortable, flexible work environment and schedule
  • Opportunity to work from home
  • Positive, friendly co-workers
  • Continued learning and growth

We can’t wait to have you on our team! 

Interested in applying for an operations role here at Gapstow? Fill out an application and let us know why you think you'd be a great fit!