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Transform Your Business With Shopify Plus - The World’s Most Scalable eCommerce Platform 

As your dedicated Shopify Plus agency, we help you leverage the immense capabilities of today’s most powerful eCommerce platform. Our years of experience, combined with the extensive functionality of Shopify Plus, allow you to focus on the growth of your brand.

Featuring cutting-edge technology and ever-evolving development knowledge, our Shopify Plus experts help high-growth brands seamlessly transition to a better way of eCommerce management. We carefully align Shopify Plus’ exclusive features with your goals and aspirations, so you can spend less time working on day-to-day tasks, and more time giving back to your business.       

Unparalleled Shopify Plus Features

  • Advanced Security (Level 1 PCI DSS compliance means you’ll never have to worry about the security of your store.)
  • App Integration (With an extended API limit, you can take advantage of Shopify’s 1,500+ apps as well as any integrations you need to run your business.)  
  • Customizable Automation (Spend less time doing mundane tasks with Shopify Plus’ personalized automation system, Flow.)
  • High Traffic Capacity (Withstand massive amounts of traffic, and say “good-bye” to site crashes or downtime.)
  • Multiple Stores (Connect with shoppers no matter where in the world they live, with up to 10 additional stores.)
  • Multichannel and Omnichannel Sales (Sell to and connect with customers wherever they are, like social media, in-person pop-up stores, and more.)
  • Personalized Checkout Process (Increase your conversion rate, incentivize larger purchases, and experiment with shopping bundles with advanced checkout options.) 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Infinitely scale your business without worrying about your website.)
  • Wholesale Capabilities (Step into the lucrative world of B2B commerce with Shopify Plus’ wholesale operations and management systems.)

Solid UX Begins With A Great Site Design

At Gapstow, our Shopify Plus experts work with you to create a completely customized, on-brand store design. Shopify’s ready-made templates are a good start, but we help larger stores elevate their conversion potential with the high-powered features of Shopify Plus. 

With unlimited scalability in mind, we handcraft stores that are optimized for the ultimate user experience. Moreover, Shopify Plus features an expanded availability of checkout customizations. As your dedicated Shopify Plus agency and partner, our designers help you utilize these exclusive implementations to optimize this critical area for sales conversions. 

Migration To Shopify Plus Is 50% Faster Than It Is To Competitors’ Platforms

Does the thought of eCommerce replatforming give you a headache? Well, there’s no headache like the one caused by a lacking platform, constant store downtime, and outdated functionalities. Gapstow’s Shopify Plus experts have proven experience successfully migrating eCommerce stores to Shopify Plus - with no headaches or stress. 

If you’re ready for an online store that lightens your load and brings joy to your customers, Gapstow is ready to help. Our technical experts seamlessly migrate websites to Shopify Plus faster and more effectively than in-house developers. We carefully handle data migration so that not even one detail is left behind.       

The Leading Shopify Plus Agency

Gapstow is your strategic partner in fostering increased eCommerce growth to reach your ultimate business goals. With the help of our Shopify Plus experts, you can ensure your business on the right track to success.


  • Customized Development & Design 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Goal-Oriented Consulting & Planning
  • Dedicated Support
  • Seamless Migration of Assets, Design, and Integrations
  • Unrestricted Functional Capabilities

Gapstow + Shopify Plus 

Shopify Plus offers the solution that online brands have been craving. That’s why over 7,500 of the world’s largest retailers have made the switch. 

Join the world’s fastest-growing brands and service more customers than ever before. Let Gapstow help you leverage the power of Shopify Plus.