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Every project begins with a paid Strategic Workshop. This workshop allows us to align on size and scope of the project BEFORE we provide a proposal. We work together to make sure we can provide a solution that you're excited about without surprising you with additional charges or timeline extensions.

Once that workshop is completed you'll receive your proposal. What you've paid for the workshop will be rolled into the cost of the project when you approve the proposal. If, for any reason, you decide not to move forward with Gapstow, you keep the full fidelity mockup.

How We Work With Clients

We work the way that works best for you.


Each Project starts with a Strategic Workshop so that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Once your workshop is complete, we can start working on your project. We stay in constant communication throughout the process to make sure that you're as involved in the project as you want to be.

Minimum project budget: $25,000

Development Retainers

We track time spent on tasks down to the minute. If we spend 7 minutes on a task, that's how much time is removed from your retainer total.

We have a 10/hr. minimum each month. You can flex up or down as needed. Unused hours do not roll over. You cannot borrow hours from the following month.

Hour rate: $175.00

Growth Retainers

You're getting strong traffic to your Shopify store... now what? Our Growth retainer can help!

We'll take a deep dive into your analytics to ascertain what can be done to increase revenue using the traffic that is already on your site. We'll work to increase conversion rate, average order value, customer lifetime value, or whatever other metric puts more money into your store.

Starting at $3,000/Mo

What Our
Clients Say

How can the Gapstow team help you?

We have been working with Gapstow for a couple years now and to be honest it has been the partnership that most young e-comm brands dream of. Traditionally developers and web managers have been points of frustration and poor relationships. Gapstow has been far from that. They are responsive, communication is always thorough, and most importantly they help us identify roadblocks and problems before they ever become one. 10/10 would recommend working with Gapstow!

Kaycee L.
ROAM Adventure Co.

Gapstow has been a great partner... They've also provided us with great advice around improving our tech stack and ways we can consolidate some of our apps. I truly see them as a growth partner vs an agency that is just looking to upsell us on features we frankly don't need. They've been a huge value add for us and I'm excited to continue our partnership as we look to further optimize our new site!

Kate S.
Copper Cow Coffee