As an eCommerce store owner, there are many ways you can facilitate more effective, profitable business operations. Shopify has one of the most extensive, well-vetted app stores on the market. In fact, it contains resources, tools, and integrations that can help with everything from increasing customer loyalty to efficiently handling confusing tax reporting and more. So, how can you know where to start? Today we’ll review the 7 best apps that every Shopify store needs. Let’s begin!

What Are the 7 Best Apps Every Shopify Store Needs?

Though the Shopify app store is full of valuable integrations, we’ve narrowed down the substantial list to only the best of the best. Entrepreneurs who utilize these apps will have the power and the means to scale business at a more accelerated rate than ever before. In no particular order, these are the 7 apps your Shopify store needs to use to achieve continued success!

  1. Fresh Relevance
  2. Gorgias
  3. Klaviyo
  4. Recharge
  5. Rewind Backups
  6. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
  7. Taxjar

1. Fresh Relevance Increases Conversions by Customizing UX

Analyze, customize, and optimize shopper engagement with the help of the Fresh Relevance app. This intuitive personalization platform helps you more effectively deliver targeted, personalized content based on customer behavior and analytics.

Fresh Relevance maximizes your ROI, making the most of each piece of customer-facing content and marketing. Using methods like compelling dynamic content, customized product recommendations, user-specific triggered emails, behavioral- and geo-targeting and more, you can immediately improve conversions and increase sales.

Plus, Fresh Relevance integrates flawlessly with your current tech stack — no matter how customized — so you can quickly get started with ease. For more information on how this awesome Shopify app can increase your sales by up to 25%, be sure to check out our full Fresh Relevance review.

2. Gorgias Streamlines Your Customer Service Workflow

Happy customers are loyal customers. For that reason, the Gorgias app enables you to provide faster, more personalized assistance and increase customer satisfaction. To start, Gorgias centralizes customer inquiries and creates a thorough customer history summary in one, easy to use dashboard. This allows your customer service representatives to double as effective sales agents, better serving the customer — and your company.

Additionally, Gorgias provides quite a few helpful customer services automations, such as rule-based filtering, pre-made response templates, customer data auto-fill, powerful analytics tracking, and more. In fact, the app helps online brands to automate up to 40% of the customer service workload while concurrently reducing response times by up to 43%. In such a competitive market, above-average customer service truly makes an impact. For more information on Gorgias, read our full app review, here!

3. Klaviyo Drives More Sales with Powerful Marketing Automation

Marketing is essential for eCommerce growth, but most entrepreneurs only use a fraction of the data they have to shape campaigns. Enter: Klaviyo, the innovative Shopify app providing business owners the ability to send more personal, more effective communications. Klaviyo analyzes all of your eCommerce data and uses it to shape highly targeted, converting emails, SMS messages, signup form content, and more.

Making it easy to get started, Klaviyo has beautiful, eye-catching templates and forms. They're conveniently pre-built and ready for action. Plus, with plenty of powerful automations, you can send personalized welcome messages, abandoned cart recovery reminders, tailored thank-you notes, and more, all with the click of a button. You can use any of the app’s scalable, conversion-ready automations, or build your own to fit your needs.

While metrics such as clicks and opens are fine, Klaviyo elevates your insights. With growth-focused reporting, you can analyze your marketing results in terms of dollars. As a result, you can truly discern what works — and what doesn’t.

Plus, with industry-leading segmentation as well as simple-to-use A/B testing, you can maximize the results of each and every communication you send. Klaviyo drives billions of dollars of revenue to companies of all sizes — will you be one of them?

4. Recharge Increases LTV & Facilitates Easier Subscription UX

In the words of Recharge creators, this innovative app “turns transactions into relationships.” Currently, as one of the fastest-growing business models, subscription programs help engage customers and procure a steady, residual profit for business owners. Recharge helps you manage subscriptions and provides you with the tools needed to leverage this profitable form of eCommerce. Thus, from simple, recurring purchases to fun, monthly membership boxes, Recharge makes it easy.

With Recharge, it only takes minutes for business owners to set up their sites to enable subscription-based purchases. The app also comes with an easy-to-use, attractive customer portal. Of course, this dashboard allows your customers to skip shipments, reschedule deliveries, add on one-time purchases, and more. Plus, it automates important notification updates — for you and your shoppers.

By allowing customers to take control of their subscription products, you foster with them a stronger, more profitable relationship. As a result, this industry-leading technology helps increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers and reduce churn. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your current tech stack and provides actionable insights so that you can ensure you’re adequately meeting the needs of your customers. Ultimately, Recharge is an eCommerce game-changer — one you need in this competitive online market.

5. Rewind Backups Protects Your Valuable Data

Most Shopify users don’t realize that they have no access to the data “back-ups” created by the eCommerce platform. One of the alternatives — creating a manual backup by hand — is exceptionally time-consuming and prone to human error. For that reason, Rewind Backups is essential for your store to avoid downtime and disasters. It also functions as an “undo” button to reverse any mistakes caused by faulty app integrations or developer slip-ups.

Rewind Backups is easy to install and works continuously behind the scenes to create store backups. It works for companies of all sizes and is compatible with more item types than any other solution on the market. That way, in the event of an error or mistake, you can restore as much shop information as necessary — with just a few clicks.

Considering the value of each sale, you can’t afford to lose even a few. With Rewind Backups, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your data is in good hands. From a single image to a detailed collection, or even your entire store, Rewind Backups is there for you, helping you to be there for your customers.

6. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty — Builds a Strong Community of Brand Advocates

Most business owners realize that a loyalty program fosters just that — strong customer devotion with results that transcend the effects of other advertising techniques. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty helps you to easily build and manage an engaging, profitable referral program. That way, you can boost new and repeat sales — many times over.

The Smile app helps you reward customers with points for loyal actions, such as creating an account, placing an order, leaving reviews, and, especially, referring your brand to their friends. You can use the app to send reminders, track “VIP” statuses/perks, and create urgency with point expirations. Then, customers can use their points or perks to redeem coupon codes or free gifts — whatever you choose to give in return for their valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Of course, if you thought Smile couldn’t get any better, it does. The ultra-helpful app is beautifully designed and optimized for engagement. It makes gaining new members — and customers — extremely simple. Plus, integration and setup only take a few minutes; no coding experience is required. Join the 50,000+ brands that are growing every day thanks to the power of Smile: Rewards & Loyalty.

7. Taxjar Modernizes & Simplifies the Way You Handle Taxes

Figuring out how to collect and file taxes for your store can be a headache. Thankfully, Taxjar connects with all of your marketplaces and your ERP to streamline and simplify the process. With the help of this innovative Shopify app technology, you can save countless hours of time and frustration. Plus, it reduces the risk of human error and helps you meet important tax deadlines with ease.

First, Taxjar works with your stores to automatically pull sales data and organize it into easy-to-read documents. The app points out where you should be charging tax and provides pertinent reporting and analytics. Then, using the AutoFile feature, you can easily submit all of your returns in the states in which you’ve registered.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and when the problem is taxes, Taxjar is the answer. With highly innovative technology, up-to-date rates, a flexible API, and award-winning support, Taxjar is one of the most powerful, valuable apps on Shopify. If you’re going to excel at eCommerce, you need the tools to facilitate it. Consider Taxjar today to modernize and streamline the way you tackle taxes.

Valuable Shopify Apps Work Harder So You Don’t Have To

By making use of the strongest, most powerful apps on Shopify, you can increase your ROI, boost conversion rates, foster strong customer loyalty, streamline internal operations, conquer confusing taxes, and way more. You’ll finally gain back more time for yourself, while powerful Shopify apps work behind the scenes to scale your legacy.

These 7 apps provide your Shopify store with the power needed to grow and succeed — despite and within an ultra-competitive market. With an unbeatable team of Fresh Relevance, Gorgias, Klaviyo, Recharge, Rewind Backups, Smile: Rewards & Loyalty, and Taxjar, your store has no choice other than to flourish. So, get started with these essential integrations today and you’ll never look back.

Feel free to reach out to our Shopify experts with any questions on these or other Shopify applications. We’d love to help you use eCommerce to power your largest aspirations.