The ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label has been a coveted spot among sellers ever since its introduction in 2015.

Only one product gets that prestigious label per specific search on Amazon.

But exactly how one can go about getting that title for their product has remained quite the mystery. Amazon has released very little details thus far on how the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ algorithm operates. However, using the pieces of info that Amazon has made available, you can get a good picture of what’s looked for and optimize your products and business accordingly.  

What You Need To Know

‘Amazon’s Choice’ tends to take a number of factors into consideration when choosing what product gets the label.  Its whole purpose, after all, is to streamline your shopping experience to keep you from spending so much time sorting and sifting through countless products to find the best one.  In essence, it does some of your shopping for you.

What are the factors it looks for?

A lot of the same ones that you and I look for when shopping as well:

  • Low prices & return rates
  • Prime availability
  • High Customer ratings
  • Shipped by Amazon

However, this doesn’t mean that having all of these criteria met by your product is guaranteed to win you the label.  

As stated earlier, Amazon hasn’t released much information on the algorithms. When you visit a product bearing the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label, it simply states that “Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.”  While Amazon may shed more light on things in the future, for now there are far more factors going on behind the scenes than we know about, and this makes it difficult to peg exactly what can be done to net you the spot. This has proved to be a discouraging idea for some stores. In fact, a lot of sellers are even choosing not to focus on trying to win the Amazon’s Choice label due to its relative unpredictability.

But while improving your products and store as a whole using the factors listed above isn’t guaranteed to get you the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label, it can certainly act as a great way to boost your business by increasing customer satisfaction and traffic into your store.  

So whether you win it or not, the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label has provided an ingenious marketing strategy and a great incentive for businesses to work hard to improve and maximize their metrics. If you are trying to win the label, then it can really help to have someone who specializes in eCommerce on the scene to navigate and work everything into the best shape possible.

Gapstow has the know-how to optimize your Amazon product listings for greatest success, which can get you one step closer to achieving that coveted ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label.  

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