Last month, our blog shared a time-saving, financial automation integration by the expert team at Bold. For July, we are featuring another revolutionary app from the same developers: Bold Subscriptions. Today, we’ll discuss how this innovative app can help scale your business further than you ever imagined possible.

What Is Bold Subscriptions?

Bold Subscriptions helps online business owners seamlessly create and manage product subscriptions, build-a-box programs, mystery boxes, memberships, and more. Now fully integrated with Shopify Checkout and Payments, your customers can easily sign-up for recurring product subscriptions and make one-time purchases all on a singular, unified page.

Plus, in November of 2020, Bold Subscriptions upgraded to version two (V2) of the application, offering enhanced features and a more streamlined pricing plan. In today’s article, we will review facets of this most current version.


  • Powerful APIs and webhooks create a fully customized subscription setup, onboarding flow, and customer portal
  • Intuitive shopper self-management of delivery intervals, orders, payments, and personal details
  • HTML branded email notifications to maintain image consistency
  • Dunning management reduces involuntary churn as a result of incorrect or expired credit card details
  • Support team customer access for simple updates or edits to subscriber accounts
  • Adjust customer information directly from Shopify for streamlined business management
  • Works with Shopify Payments and PayPal Express
  • Access any app that integrates with Shopify Checkout
  • Coming Soon: Standard subscription type, with custom recurrence rules (RRULES) creation feature

Why Utilize Bold Subscriptions V2?

Focused on creating powerful, customized eCommerce experiences, each team member at Bold strives to help you facilitate a better checkout service and reduce functional limitations. With over 90,000 happy users, such as Staples and Vera Bradley, there is no questioning why Bold holds the name as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in North America.

Bold Helps You Scale Your Business...

At its core, Bold Subscriptions V2 was designed with development in mind. Thus, you have an abundance of freedom to create a subscription service as simple - or complex - as you like. Plus, with options to incentivize subscription sign-up or offer discounts on future orders, you avail your company of valuable, dependable recurring revenue.

Further, by setting up a completely custom rule system, setup, onboarding flow, and customer portal, you can spend less time on mundane technical tasks, and more time where it really matters the most. In other words, Bold Subscriptions takes tasks right off of your to-do list.

… While Creating Happy, Loyal Shoppers

With Bold Subscriptions, customers can easily purchase one-time products and sign up for subscriptions all in the same transaction. Plus, by allowing shoppers to edit, pause, swap, or skip upcoming orders, you reduce customer churn and foster strong customer loyalty.

Additionally, Bold Subscriptions allows you and/or your customers to choose different intervals based on products or preferences - weekly, monthly, annual, and custom recurrences cover every need.

Plus, with customized cancellation flows, you can incentivize staying subscribed or offer cancellation alternatives (like a pause or discount.) Thus, shoppers have more freedom while remaining loyal to your brand.

Bold Subscriptions Investment & Eligibility

Bold Subscriptions costs $49.99 per month, plus a 1% transaction fee on orders including a subscription product. Plus, keep in mind that new users can take advantage of a 60-day free trial.

However, here are a few requirements to successfully run the application:

  • As mentioned previously, your store must utilize Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, or as your payment gateway.
  • Your store cannot currently run off of a storefront API.
  • You cannot currently use an existing subscription service. Migration services are not yet available, but interested parties can sign up here for an alert regarding migration updates.

Easy, Flexible Subscriptions to Help Scale Your Brand

Bold Subscriptions is a fantastic way to increase revenue and retain customers. With seamless integration to checkout, unlimited customization potential, and powerful behind-the-scenes processes, your only regret will be not implementing the app sooner.