As an eCommerce entrepreneur, every single touchpoint between your brand and a potential customer is valuable. In fact, your store’s success is dependent upon how well you present thorough, compelling product information. With Custom Fields by Bonify, you can create, edit and personalize every data field type imaginable - thus making the most of your virtual store property.

What Is Custom Fields by Bonify?

The developers at Bonify know Shopify well. So well, in fact, that they are familiar with the issues and restrictions eCommerce entrepreneurs deal with when customizing and adding data to an online store. Enter: Custom Fields.

As the most advanced metafield editor and page builder for Shopify, Custom Fields allows users to add, maintain, and customize details at every touchpoint imaginable. In other words, whether created with Shopify or a third-party app, Custom Fields adds customizations and widgets for products, product variants, customers, orders, draft orders, collections, pages, blogs, and more.

So what does this mean for you? With the help of Custom Fields by Bonify, you can easily enhance your site via prebuilt widgets with optional custom code access. You can also add value to the customer experience with informative tabs, progressive accordion menus, image galleries, interactive slides, organized columns, video widgets, and much more. Plus, Custom Fields has proven to be exceptionally scalable and stable, so you never have to stress as your company grows.


With an intuitive app layout and integration into Shopify’s own theme editor, Custom Fields simplifies your work. You can get started with the app quickly, choosing to customize the generated code or simply use it as-is. Users may also take advantage of Custom Fields’ Chrome Plugin to easily manage data and save valuable time when filling out Shopify’s forms.

Developed by eCommerce pros, Custom Fields by Bonify covers everything you need:

  • Quick and simple creation of copy-and-paste code snippets
  • Smart, one-time per type setup of data entry validation to prevent poor customer-side data entry
  • Files hosted on stable, scalable Amazon S3 at no additional cost to the user
  • Fast bulk-upload data import
  • Powerful filter system for export
  • Add more fields at any time and as needs arise


To help you start, Custom Fields offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you can select from one of the following plans:

  • Free Plan - Basic field types and a limit of 10 fields.
  • Pro Plan - Includes all features and field types; unlimited fields; free development. Not available for users on Shopify Plus. $14/month.
  • Pro Plus Plan - Includes all benefits as Pro Plan; multi-store discounts available. For Shopify Plus users only. $19/month.

Make the Most of eCommerce with Custom Fields by Bonify

“The best metafield editor…”

“... powerful and easy to use app, plus awesome support…”

“Build any page inclusion you can think of…”

If you’re ready to join the tens of thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs who echo the sentiments above, check out Custom Fields by Bonify. With this revolutionary app, you can elevate your site and convert window-shoppers into happy, loyal customers - more than ever before.

Feel free to reach out to our eCommerce experts if you have any questions about Custom Fields or your own online journey. We are standing by, ready to help you turn your eCommerce endeavor into a flourishing enterprise.