To stand out among crowds of competition, your online store must make a positive, compelling impact on every shopper. This month’s featured app, Fresh Relevance, revolutionizes the way you do just that.

By delivering personalized, channel-specific content based on customer behavior, you can implement highly effective marketing campaigns and UX. As a result, this maximizes your ROI, elicits high levels of customer engagement, and boosts your conversion rate.

How Fresh Relevance Helps You Improve Conversions & Increase Sales

Essentially, Fresh Relevance combines the efforts of specialized marketing teams, CRM, eCommerce experts, and merchandising pros into one powerful, intuitive personalization platform. From a single dashboard, you can analyze, personalize, and optimize customer engagement to increase conversions across all of your sales and social channels.

Since 2013, Fresh Relevance has helped business owners with limited technical knowledge to leverage detailed customer insights into powerful, persuasive sales content. Using behavioral and transactional data, marketers can more efficiently engage with potential customers in real-time. Plus, on average, app users attribute 25% of their online sales to Fresh Relevance — a substantial increase in profits.

Fresh Relevance integrates with your current tech stack in order to craft a personalized user experience from desktop to mobile, within apps, email, and more. It analyzes user insights and makes effective, automated decisions to optimize the user experience and elicit engagement from even the most reserved shoppers.

Fresh Relevance Has the Personalized Marketing Solutions You Need

A custom-tailored user experience is the key to increasing customer retention and value. For that reason, Fresh Relevance makes it easy to implement personalized marketing across a variety of channels and tools:

  • Dynamic content attracts customers with live, compelling features such as personalized ad creatives, banners, live pricing, weather-based content, and more.
  • Product recommendations increase your revenue by helping each shopper discover the products most suited to their interests.
  • Triggered emails boost conversion rates by targeting shoppers with timely messages based on their personal behavior, such as cart abandonment follow-ups, post-purchase persuasion, and replenishment reminders.
  • Onsite pop-ups reduce site abandonment and enhance the shopping experience by capturing data, reminding shoppers of carted items, and welcoming back past visitors, just to name a few.
  • Social proof turns browsers into shoppers by leveraging popularity, scarcity, good ratings, and even FOMO.
  • Behavioral targeting increases marketing ROI by using real-time data to advertise more effectively to different customer segments.
  • Geotargeting allows you to efficiently tailor content based on a shopper’s location or closest physical store.
  • A/B & MVT testing and optimization help you quickly track, analyze, reevaluate, and adjust marketing strategies to foster continued growth and profitability.
  • Customer data management unifies and organizes information integrated from your entire tech stack for seamless analysis and planning.

Keep in mind that this app integrates with “off-the-shelf” and completely customized eCommerce solutions. So, no matter how you built your business empire, Fresh Relevance is here to see it through to success.

Fresh Relevance — Unlocking the Best ROI for Your Team

To ensure you receive the best return on your business investments, Fresh Relevance has introduced a revolutionary pricing model. With the flexible, modular payment plan, you only have to pay for the features you need.

Say “good-bye” to wasted funds spent on frivolous settings that you’ll never use. With Fresh Relevance’s build-your-own product plan, you can choose only the modules that you need.

Plus, charges accrue based on average monthly page views, not per impression. Thus, you’ll always know what to expect and your features will never run out — even during your most heavy campaigns.

Boost Your Conversion Rate & Customer Satisfaction with Fresh Relevance

When it comes to eCommerce, the more personalization, the better. By utilizing Fresh Relevance to offer ultra-customized user experiences, you can engage more effectively and increase your conversion rate exponentially.

If you’re ready to get started with Fresh Relevance or have other eCommerce questions, please feel free to reach out to our experts today.