So far this year, our Featured App series has covered an all-in-one operations manager, a state-of-the-art shipping solution, and a revolutionary shipping-cost calculator. For this month’s edition, we wanted to focus on another integral component of eCommerce: customer service.

With the assistance of the best customer service app for Shopify and Shopify Plus, Gorgias helps you streamline your customer inquiries, automate responses, and transform support staff into effective sales agents. Let’s find out how Gorgias can work for you.

What Is Gorgias?

Developed for Shopify and Shopify Plus, Gorgias centralizes, automates, and facilitates more effective customer service. To start, the app organizes all customer inquiries and chats onto one, easy-to-navigate admin dashboard. Then, it places that information alongside applicable customer purchase data, browsing history, and past communications. As a result, this creates a thorough customer history summary - available at a glance.

With the help of Gorgias’ intuitive, organized dashboard, you can reduce customer service ticket response time while concurrently increasing the efficiency of support personnel. Plus, you can even initiate automated, auto-fill support templates for commonly asked questions. Thus, you can reduce support workload and save valuable time.

Gorgias App Features

  • Organize, view, and respond to all incoming customer requests from any platform (Facebook, Instagram, email, live website chat, phone calls, and more) right from the Gorgias dashboard
  • Create a personalized, rule-based filter system to organize inbox based on importance and urgency
  • Utilize pre-made response templates with smart, auto-fill customer data (shipping details, tracking numbers, order information, etc)
  • Powerful Shopify and third-party integrations to view full customer history in one spot, including recurring subscriptions, loyalty points, and customer journey
  • Track analytics from sales generated anywhere (social media, live chat, etc.)
  • Intuitive layout displays customer details right next to support ticket information for a comprehensive understanding of the shopper and their needs

How Gorgias Helps Your Business Grow

As software and web developers from their start, founders Alex Plugaru and Romain Lapeyre have a long history with management platforms, social tech, and internal tools. For that reason, they well know the intricacies involved behind the scenes of scalable eCommerce operations.

Plus, as many entrepreneurs know, customer service has the potential to make - or break - eCommerce success. Gorgias helps you and your team provide exceptional service in order to acquire and retain customers - the two-fold key leading to ultimate growth and stability. In fact, here are just a few quantifiable ways the app does so.

1. Automate up to 40% of the workload.

With personalized, intuitive message responses to common requests, you can reduce staff time spent on tedious tasks and better utilize those efforts elsewhere.

2. Reduce response time by 43%.

By managing all conversations in one place and viewing full customer histories at a glance, you can provide faster, more personalized help.

3. Gorgias receives a 4.7-star rating out of 452 reviews.

Common user reviews describe how Gorgias “helps independent eCommerce brands turn their support centers into profit centers.”

4. App utilized by 5,900+ D2C brands.

Gorgias has helped thousands of help desk teams to increase conversions and leverage support requests, online chats, and social media comments into engaged, happy customers.

Investment Details

Gorgias offers four plans from which entrepreneurs can choose. Also, you can begin with a seven-day free trial on any payment schedule.







(or $50/month with annual commitment)


(or $250/month with annual commitment)


(or $625/month with annual commitment)


Included Tickets

350 monthly tickets

2,000 monthly tickets

6,000 monthly tickets

Custom ticket limit

Extra Ticket Fee

$25 for each extra 100 tickets

$23 for each extra 100 tickets

$14 for each extra 100 tickets

Custom extra ticket fee


Unlimited users, Shopify/social media integrations up to 150, live chat, macros and rules, self-onboarding

All benefits of Basic, plus:

Lite-onboarding, Magento integration, user permissions, satisfaction survey, chat campaigns, up to 3 phone numbers

All benefits of Pro, plus:

Full-onboarding, up to 10 phone numbers, team management, view sharing, revenue statistics, dedicated customer's success manager

All benefits of Advanced, plus:

Custom limit of phone numbers, custom enterprise-level services

Gorgias Makes Customer Service Work for You

Providing faster, more personalized assistance helps you acquire and retain customers. Plus, streamlined operations make it easier for your support teams to increase customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty. In regards to customer service, Gorgias truly helps you do it all.