Revolutionize the way you calculate shipping costs with the Intuitive Shipping app for Shopify. This advanced shipping calculator expands on the native eCommerce shipping system to enhance and customize the way you determine shipping fees.

Since 2011, Intuitive Shipping has enabled thousands of businesses to increase profitability and leverage shipping in a smarter, more effective way. Find out how this game-changing app can help you do the same.

Why Customization of the Shipping Process is Crucial

For many busy entrepreneurs, shipping comes as an afterthought. On the other hand, some companies may find shipping too confusing of a system to customize, opting to leave matters to chance, instead.

However, unexpected fees resulting from miscalculated shipping costs can prove detrimental to businesses of any size. Plus, from the customer’s perspective, unanticipated or unclear shipping costs greatly increase cart abandonment occurrences. Thus, to sustain business profitability, Intuitive Shipping provides the solution for those issues and many more.

Ron Anderson, a product specialist at Intuitive Shipping, explains how the app helps business owners take greater control of shipping fees. “We want to make shipping an area of priority,” he explains, “to help businesses succeed.” Intuitive Shipping fills in the gaps of native eCommerce shipping calculators. That way, business owners don’t fall victim to the common shipping rate pitfalls.

Intuitive Shipping Main Features & Benefits

With over 40 editable, rule-based conditions, store owners can personalize and control every aspect of shipping to meet the unique needs of the business - and the customer. Fine-tune even the most specific stipulations and add highly accurate dimensional rates to calculate precise, error-free shipping fees every time.

  • Business owners have the flexibility to create unique rate rules based on 40+ dynamic conditions to maximize profitability.
  • With advanced rate blending methods, you can intelligently combine shipping prices defined by differing parameters. Ranging from the most simple to extremely intricate occurrences, complete customization is just a few clicks away.
  • Intuitive Shipping’s proprietary SmartBoxing™ algorithm utilizes dimensional shipping rates (taking into account the size, weight, and number of packages) to determine the most cost-efficient packaging for shipments to minimize wasted funds.
  • Intuitive Shipping allows for user-set rates for pieces that ship in multiple packages or have non-traditionally shaped packaging.
  • Business owners have the ability to set conditions for same- and next-day shipping to control how customers are charged for time-sensitive deliveries - including date, time, and day-of-week assignment.
  • Leverage shipping as a marketing strategy with condition-based free shipping. Intuitive Shipping helps users increase average order value by offering free shipping with cart- or product-based thresholds, something not available on native eCommerce shipping calculators.
  • Maintain transparency with customers by offering clear custom shipping method descriptions during the checkout process. (E.g. pickup locations, production times, multiple-shipment reminders, etc.)
  • Intuitive Shipping is constantly expanding the availability of shipping carriers to offer you and your customers more effective shipping options.

As the online marketplace grows more crowded, it’s crucial to stay competitive. With Intuitive Shipping, you’ll eliminate wasted funds and maximize business profitability greater than ever before.

Quick Data Import & Simple Set-Up

Getting started with Intuitive Shipping is simple. To begin using the app, all you need to create is one shipping scenario and one shipping method. Then, you can easily add many more according to your needs.

Additionally, to make business operations as simple as possible for its users, Intuitive Shipping pulls product information directly from the Shopify product settings. Once account activation occurs, products will resync with the app automatically.

If you choose to utilize Intuitive Shipping’s proprietary SmartBoxing™ feature or want to calculate shipping costs by volume, there is no need to waste valuable time manually entering the dimensions of each of your products. Instead, you can export the data into a CSV file to quickly and easily add the product information to the Intuitive Shipping app.

Plus, if that’s not simple enough, to assuage the nerves of new users, Intuitive Shipping comes with an unlimited testing mode period. This way, you can spend as much time as you need making adjustments and becoming fully accustomed to the program. Then, on top of that, each user receives a 14-day free trial after activating live mode.

Intuitive Shipping App Investment

Intuitive Shipping offers pricing tiers set according to monthly business volume. Choose your plan based upon the number of completed transactions you predict to record per month:

  • Silver Plan (600 monthly orders) $29.99/month
  • Platinum Plan (2,000 monthly orders) $49.99/month
  • Prestige Plan (8,000 monthly orders) $99.99/month

Too, for high-volume online stores regularly exceeding 7,500 orders per month, Intuitive Shipping offers an elite Enterprise Plan.

Keep in mind that Shopify requires users to enable the Carrier Calculated Shipping feature when installing any third-party billing or shipping calculators (like Intuitive Shipping.) The Advanced and Shopify Plus store plans include this feature already, but the remaining Shopify store plans will need to install it for an additional monthly fee.

Intuitive Shipping: A Smarter Way to Sell

It’s time to say “good-bye” to outdated, inaccurate shipping rate estimations. Intuitive Shipping makes it easy to gain control of your calculations, ensuring always-accurate, customized shipping rates at checkout.

If you’re ready to maximize profitability and start shipping smarter, add Intuitive Shipping to your Shopify store today. For help, feel free to contact our Shopify experts. We’re here to help you make the most of your eCommerce experience.