When you own a business, time is extremely valuable. As a result, task automation is one of the necessary keys that leads to long-term profitability. With the help of QuickBooks Sync by Bold, business owners can take advantage of seamless financial reporting, saving time and money in the long run.

What Is QuickBooks Sync by Bold?

Business owners across the globe value QuickBooks as one of the most powerful business accounting programs on the market. Entrepreneurs utilize the software for management of income and expenses, as well as invoicing, bills, reports, and tax preparation.

Thus, as an accounting automation integration, QuickBooks Sync by Bold enables Shopify owners to connect and auto-sync their stores with the powerful financial software. In just a few clicks, new and existing QuickBooks users can integrate with their Shopify stores to take advantage of essential, influential, and easy-to-read financial reports.

QuickBooks Sync by Bold - Features

Automatic end-of-day syncing from Shopify to QuickBooks ensures easy, streamlined reporting for your business. Plus, comprehensive order exports include every detail, like line items, shipping, taxes, and historical data. Of course, integration facilitates refunds on all of the same information, as well.

QuickBooks Sync by Bold takes care of it all. For example, users have the option to organize the sales of gift cards into a liability account. Even Shopify’s own payment gateway, Shopify Payments, syncs payouts and fees with QuickBooks to keep account of every transaction. Plus, you can automate the population of new tax agencies and tax rates based on order information, or utilize agencies you’ve already set up.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying

If you’re still on the fence, just take a look at what some clients have said:

  • “...[one of the] easiest to set up and most perfectly operating apps.”
  • “...saves me so much time!”
  • “...would not be able to survive without this app.”

App Investment

QuickBooks Sync by Bold offers four plans, ranging from Free to Enterprise solutions. Check out the chart below to find your company’s best fit.

Free (Free)

Starter ($19.99/month)

Growth ($39.99/month)

Enterprise ($59.99/month)

30 orders included per month

200 orders included per month; $0.15 charge for every additional order, up to $99.99

500 orders included per month; $0.10 charge for every additional order, up to $99.99

Unlimited monthly orders

Exports orders to QuickBooks Online

Exports orders; syncs products and inventory

Exports orders; syncs products and inventory

Exports unlimited monthly orders; syncs products and inventory

The Best Way to Sync Shopify with QuickBooks

If you’re ready to automate the accounting side of your business, saving yourself precious time and funds, check out QuickBooks Sync by Bold. With automatic daily syncing, comprehensive order details, and insightful reports, doing business will never be easier.

Feel free to reach out to our Shopify experts if you have questions about QuickBooks Sync. We’re happy to help you get on the path to stable, scalable eCommerce success.