Increasing in popularity by entrepreneurs and shoppers alike, subscription models are a great way to boost your revenue and reduce customer churn. Recharge Subscriptions, this month’s featured app, helps you set up and manage a subscription program — easily and quickly. Let’s find out more about this revolutionary Shopify application.

What is Recharge Subscriptions?

Created by Recharge, a company dedicated to helping online merchants grow, Subscriptions helps you set up and integrate subscription-based functionality with your current store and tech stack. In other words, Recharge Subscriptions transforms passive, one-time buyers into loyally engaged, recurring customers.

The app works in two ways. First, it intelligently helps you manage everything on the business side with its powerful merchant portal. It includes features like detailed insights, real-time reporting, and powerful APIs to customize your service any way you want.

Then, Recharge Subscriptions helps you create a beautiful, easy-to-use customer portal so that your shoppers have the freedom to take control of their recurring purchases. No matter if they want to skip or reschedule certain deliveries, swap items, add on one-time purchases, or edit their personal information, the intuitive customer portal makes it simple to do so.

How Recharge Subscriptions Boosts Your Business

Recharge Subscriptions is modernizing the way entrepreneurs do eCommerce. Here’s how the app can help you:

  • Recharge Subscriptions is built for growth and makes it easy to increase your AOV through upsells and one-time purchase add-on workflows.
  • It supports all major payment processors, so your customers can feel confident and comfortable paying via their most-trusted methods — an important factor for wary online shoppers.
  • Reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty by providing top-of-the-line, easy-to-use self-service that eliminates customer confusion and worry. Shoppers who feel in charge of their purchases are proven more loyal and profitable in the long run.
  • Recharge Subscriptions utilizes automatic retry and dunning to increase your payment conversions and maintain up-to-date payment methods.
  • Recharge integrates with some of the top eCommerce tools (like Gorgias and Klaviyo, for example) to facilitate powerful, seamless business operations — a much needed advantage in this competitive market.
  • Automated SMS and email notifications keep customers and your staff updated to changes or errors, so there are never any unwanted “surprises.”
  • Powerful, clear analytics allow you to discern the reasoning behind customer actions in order to win back lost buyers and reduce future churn.

Investment and Plan Options

Recharge Subscriptions’ Standard plan conveniently has no monthly fees, and you can get started for free! On this plan, there is a transaction fee of 1% plus $0.10.

However, stores with heavier traffic and needs can apply for the Pro plan, which starts at $300 per month, and includes a 1% plus $0.19 transaction fee. On this plan, business owners can make use of advanced insights and valuable customizations.

Increase LTV and Reduce Customer Churn with Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions is a must-have for any online business owner trying to stay competitive. In just a few minutes, you can put your company on the path to increased AOV, LTV, and customer loyalty. Start today with Recharge Subscriptions and scale your business faster than ever before.