Long gone are the days where customer-to-seller interaction occurs in just one place. Rather, in today’s market, your shoppers are everywhere. However, accommodating customers’ needs among multiple channels while organizing backend business operations, fulfillment, and analytics is no small task.

For this month’s featured app post, we’ll discuss how Skubana seamlessly enables you to unify, automate, and grow your company - all from one easy-to-use platform.

Why Skubana

Before becoming the “hardest working operations platform” on the market, Skubana was a marketplace seller. They’ve been in the packed warehouses, experienced the complexity of multi-channel commerce, and know firsthand the pains associated with growth.

Thus, when no platform could solve the unique issues of eCommerce nor sort through the complexities of modern growth, Skubana was born. The creators behind this app are highly familiar with the problems that business owners - like you - face every single day. So, they know the solutions you crave. In their words, Skubana is here to help you “dominate every channel and propel your business to the next level.”

Skubana Helps You Work Smarter & More Efficiently

It doesn't matter whether your company is in the pre-launch stages, growing quickly, or already an established marketplace seller. Skubana helps you simplify and streamline multi-channel processes into a singularly focused, well-organized operation.

  • Uncomplicated, easy to set up integrations allow you to connect your products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels with eCommerce partners, marketplaces, and 3PLs - all in one place.
  • Powerful automation tools allow you to save time and eliminate human error by generating forecasts and POs, identifying the smartest shipping deals, planning inventory needs, and discovering new areas for profitability.
  • Maintain team efficiency by streamlining and simplifying mundane, time-consuming tasks.
  • Detailed intelligence tracking shows you, at a glance, the profitability and velocity of individual SKUs and operations.
  • Highly comprehensive analytics reporting provides everything you need to make smart, fast decisions, and facilitates confident planning in areas like resource allocation, data management, inventory movement, financials, and more.

“Unify, Automate, and Grow” Your Business With Skubana

Skubana makes doing modern business a breeze. By refining and reinventing the core areas of eCommerce operations, Skubana works harder - so you don’t have to.

Organized, Consolidated Operations to Increase Efficiency

With Skubana, you can now view your entire multi-channel landscape on one organized dashboard. By uniting your platform, warehouse, and product information in a singular area, you reduce friction and inefficiency among employees. So, it's time to say, “goodbye, dated spreadsheets," and see how the usage of Skubana’s real-time, comprehensive dashboard updates can truly make your business many times more profitable.

Save Countless Hours of Time With Skubana’s Smart Automatic Workflows

Skubana’s intelligent automation system allows you to set processes to handle almost anything you need completing - but don’t want to pay someone to do. From automatically routing orders to the closest fulfillment center to learning about your replenishment patterns and making suggestions based on history, Skubana takes the mundane guesswork out of eCommerce.

Plus, this per-channel automation proves invaluable as a company grows and order volume increases. Why spend hours clicking away doing thoughtless busy work, when Skubana can complete it for you?

Growth Without the Pains

Streamlined sales channels, automated re-ordering, and consolidated analytics help you make decisions quickly. After all, when your business is on the sudden brink of a huge expansion, you don’t have a minute to waste. For that reason, Skubana’s ultra-organized dashboard and workflow system allow you to handle increased sales volume with ease. By simplifying the inherent complexities of scaling a company, you can focus on growing your business - and, you’ll be prepared for it, too.

“The Hardest Working Operations Platform on the Planet”

Our eCommerce experts know firsthand the struggles that business owners in this competitive market deal with each day. Skubana holds the solution: by unifying and automating your entire multi-channel operation, you promote company efficiency, make smarter decisions, and facilitate painless growth.

As an official Skubana partner, we want to help you streamline your online operations. So, if you have more questions about Skubana or want to see it work for you, check out their website or schedule a chat with one of our eCommerce experts today!