Boasting multiple award-winning eCommerce designs, Out of the Sandbox is your one-stop-shop for high-quality Shopify themes. With a commitment to elite craftsmanship, as well as top-notch customer support, Out of the Sandbox provides cutting edge technology for you - and your shoppers.

Get to Know Out of the Sandbox

Out of the Sandbox strives to deliver innovative themes with a two-fold experience. They prioritize usability not only for the store owner who purchases the theme but also for the shoppers who utilize the store later on. Coupling the needs of both parties ensures premium site performance in this competitive eCommerce market.

As an official Shopify partner since 2011, Out of the Sandbox has solidified its standing as a leader in the eCommerce Themes community. With more than a handful of responsive, elegant themes from which to choose, users can then take advantage of the numerous variants within a chosen theme to make their store even more unique.

Founded by eCommerce developer Brad and his wife, graphic designer Rachelle, Out of the Sandbox is a company that resonates with online businesses. They know what eCommerce needs in order to succeed, from front to back, and equip businesses of all sizes to do so.

Awards & Accolades

If the hundreds of positive reviews on this Shopify partner’s page isn’t enough to persuade you just yet, consider some of the other awards and accolades Out of the Sandbox has received.

As the recipient of the 2013 Shopify eCommerce Design Award, the Retina Theme was given prestigious honor out of many worthy candidates. Considering the high-profile panel of judges, like Jeffrey Zeldman and Daniel Weinand, this truly speaks volumes to the innovative, elegantly designed themes from Out of the Sandbox.

Further, in 2016, Brad (Out of the Sandbox’s founder) received a public commendation in front of hundreds of attendees from Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s COO, at the inaugural Shopify Unite conference in San Francisco.

Out of the Sandbox Theme Details

Behind the scenes at Out of the Sandbox, three different teams work closely together in order to hand-craft a lasting, performance-driven product. Teresa, Head of Marketing, explained it to me this way. She stated, “Product managers are responsible for coming up with strategies for new theme ideas and updates, based on eCommerce trends, customer feedback, competitive analysis, and more.”

Then, product designers shape the theme for optimum user experience for both the theme installer (store owner) and future shoppers. Finally, the development team utilizes industry-leading techniques to create a theme fitting the above criterium, optimizing speed, organization, and usability. The result? From beginning to end, themes from Out of the Sandbox are intentionally built and crafted to allow your online store to reach optimum success.

Providing an abundance of variety, Out of the Sandbox offers seven main themes, with multiple unique design variants for each. While most themes sold by other developers include 3-4 different styling options of each, Out of the Sandbox surpasses the competition. One of their most popular themes, Flex, includes 13 different variant style options - all included under the single theme purchase.

Out of the Sandbox Developers: Shopify Themes For Success

Out of the Sandbox themes allow store owners to build responsive, robust stores, at a more rapid pace than ever before. This saves funds in the long term - funds that could be invested back into your business.

Teresa, quoted above, shared with me how the company “loves hearing about customers’ successes, and seeing how they have used and configured themes to their advantage.” Out of the Sandbox maintains a list of featured shops to showcase the success possible with a solid Shopify theme. You can check that out here, and even apply to have your Out of the Sandbox themed-store recognized, too!

For more information on Out of the Sandbox themes, and to start creating your store today, check out their website here. Plus, feel free to contact our Shopify experts for any help creating a store or installing your new theme!