Looking to duplicate a page template on a theme using Shopify 2.0?  Click here for our tutorial!

At Gapstow, we love Shopify and all that it can do for businesses looking to make a name in the eCommerce market. So if you’re looking to customize your store further, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss how to copy a page template in order to take advantage of additional Shopify customizer functionality.

6 Easy Steps to Copy a Page Template in Shopify

Duplicating page templates to increase customization functionality on your Shopify site is simple and easy. However, you first need to publish your selected theme before you can copy its individual page templates. Keep in mind, you can only make duplicate templates of those available in your theme.

Once you’ve chosen and published a theme (or if you’ve already done that) you can move on through the following steps:

Step 1: Add a new template.

Under the Online Store menu, select Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Templates > Add New Template.

Next, select the page template of which you’d like to make a copy. Then, choose Page from the variety selection box, type “ourstory-copy” in the name box, and click Create Template.

Shopify Expert Tip: You can use any name you prefer, but in order for all the customizer features to function properly on your duplicated page, it’s essential that you begin the name with your new name as we did above. You also cannot use the exact same name as a different page.

For example, you could use other variations like “ourstory-2” or “ourstory-new-page.” However, a name like “new-ourstory” will not work. For the sake of this tutorial, though, use “ourstory-copy” to start.

Step 2: Swap the template code.

Next, delete all of the code from the new file and replace it with the following:

{% comment %}

 The contents of the page.ourstory-copy.liquid template can be found in /sections/page-ourstory-copy-template.liquid

{% endcomment %}

{% section 'page-ourstory-copy-template' %}

Step 3: Create a new section.

Now, navigate to the Sections folder, and select Add a New Section. In the name box, type “page-ourstory-copy-template” and click the Create Section button.

Step 4: Edit the new section code.

You’re almost finished! Now, simply select and copy all of the code from the original template page (page-ourstory-template.liquid) and paste it into the newly created page-ourstory-copy-template.liquid.

Of course, don’t forget to hit Save.

Step 5: Select the new template for your site page.

Locate your Pages tab, and, under the Template option, click on the page to which you’d like to apply the new template.

Finally, you can use Shopify’s convenient theme editor to configure the design details and organize content blocks unique to your newly templated page. Don’t forget to add this new page to your navigational menu or other helpful location.

Step 6: Repeat as necessary with new “ourstory-” name variations.

Looking to customize additional pages on your store? You can repeat this process as necessary by creating new template duplicates, starting again with step one.

However, remember the naming tips we mentioned in step one. You cannot reuse the name of another page. If you’re duplicating the same template again, simply choose a variation on the name (for example, “ourstory-extra.”)

Enjoy Your New Shopify Page Template Copies

Use some caution when creating duplicate content pages, as having too many can cause issues for your site. However, with this simple tip, you can copy any Shopify page template to more effectively customize and design your online store. And, for even more assistance, feel free to reach out to one of our Shopify experts today.