Shopify offers a few convenient payment methods for you and your business, two of the most popular being Paypal and Shopify Payments.  

Both offer security and convenience for your customers, and Paypal integrates very easily into your Shopify store. In fact, a lot of businesses have decided to incorporate both into their site, as they work very well together.  

However, as with all good things, they are not without cost.

A lot of people find themselves asking then how the fees associated with either item line up? Do they stack on top of each other and compound?

The short answer is ‘no.’  

To give you a more in-depth explanation, we’ll break down some of the fees associated with both Paypal and Shopify Payments.

Paypal Fees

While Paypal has no signup fee and is very easy to integrate as mentioned above, there are some seller fees.  

When selling in the US, you’ll be charged 2.9% of the transaction in addition to a $0.30 flat fee.

When dealing with buyers outside of the US, the transaction fee is increased to 4.4%, and the flat rate is dependant on the currency.

Shopify Payments

When using Shopify Payments, depending on your plan, you’ll get charged a 2.4% to 2.9% as well as a flat $0.30.  


So Paypal and Shopify Payments both have their own fees associated with them.  

Do those fees stack on top of each other when you decide to use both?

As stated above, the answer is ‘no.’  

You only pay the fees for whatever method the customer uses at checkout, meaning you can still fully incorporate and enjoy both payment options without having to worry about paying extra fees