As self-proclaimed Shopify nerds, we love to share with you our favorite features of the powerful eCommerce platform. Today, though, we wanted to discuss one of the most valuable, best-kept secrets Shopify has to offer: Shopify Learn. What exactly is Shopify Learn? And, more importantly, how can it help you in your eCommerce journey? Let’s find out.

What Is Shopify Learn?

Simply put, Shopify Learn is a virtual, on-demand business course for all commerce fields and skill levels. This massive collection of videos shares lessons from Shopify experts who have “been there” and “done all of that.”

Each video tutorial is taught by Shopify staff, partners, or business owners who have grown their brand on the platform. Thus, the resource provides a wide range of well-rounded expertise and perspective, by individuals who have proven, hands-on experience in the relative topic. The collection includes categories such as:

  • Business planning, strategy, and management
  • Pricing, inventory management, financial literacy, and billing
  • Dropshipping, print on demand, and retail sales
  • Product development, discovery, and validation
  • Design, photography, and branding
  • Advertising campaigns and social media, influencer, email, and content marketing
  • SEO, analytics, optimization, and website building

… and way, way more.

Additionally, all of the videos are produced or approved by Shopify directly. As a result, you can have the utmost confidence and trust that all of the information is not only helpful but accurate and up to date, too. Plus, the creators are constantly working to add new videos, keeping the education relevant and progressive.

Value For All Experience-Levels

Whether you’ve not started your store yet, you’ve already crafted an established enterprise, or you rest somewhere in the expansive middle ground, Shopify Learn contains valuable information to help you reach your next goals.

For example, many of the tutorials are designed to work with the trial program of Shopify, providing a “hand to hold” while you learn the ropes. In one of those videos, Samantha Renee (award-winning eCommerce expert) walks you through your first day on Shopify. In a very clear and easy-to-follow manner, she shares the basics of the platform and the things you need to know to set up a business. Though the entire course is extremely informative, we especially love the suggestions to boost your sales while working with a $0 budget.

On the other hand, growing brands can make use of more technical, strategic lessons to take their stores to the next level. For instance, Niccolo Gloazzo is a well-known eCommerce manager for Kettle & Fire. He teaches an awesome course called “Increase Revenue and Grow Your Business with 3 Key Performance Indicators.” Spoiler alert: if you aren’t using AOV, F, and CvR to double your revenue, you cannot miss this course.

A Resource Worth The Investment

If Shopify Learn already sounds great, I assure you, it gets better. By signing up for a Shopify account, you make available to yourself the huge bank of online, educational resources. That’s right — Shopify Learn is free for Shopify users. Plus, you can even take advantage of the courses during your free trial period, or on the base $9 per month plan.

How Does Shopify Learn Work?

If you’ve ever watched a video online, you already have all the skills you need to utilize Shopify Learn. The videos range from short, few-minute tip tutorials to “deep-dive” courses over an hour in length. The count is increasing every day, but as of the authoring date of this post, here’s how the numbers break down:

  • 72 courses
  • 162 tutorials
  • 76 webinars

To sort through the immense catalog of videos, you can select from the featured popular courses or new additions. Alternatively, browse by topic category (there are over 35 major categories, some mentioned earlier) or sort the videos alphabetically or by date. Plus, you can even search for videos using a keyword, and narrow down the results by length or content type.

For more information on a video, click on the image or the title. Here, you can review the course description as well as an introduction and background of the instructor(s). Each course lists the exact duration of the video, and, if it’s split into multiple “lessons,” the amount of those, too. You can even peruse the list of lessons and view their corresponding video timestamps.

Some videos include transcripts if you prefer to read or cannot listen to a video. Plus, longer courses include a helpful progress bar, indicating where you left off watching. This makes it super easy to pick back up later. And, if you want to remember a video for another time, simply use the little ribbon button to save it.

Shopify Learn: Just Another Way The eCommerce Giant Helps Strengthen Your Legacy

The courses and tutorials available on Shopify Learn help walk you through whatever stage of business in which you currently stand. It enables you to attain the greatest benefit from the platform and market, maximizing your valuable efforts.

Make no mistake: Shopify Learn isn’t just another blog or FAQ. Rather, it’s a hugely beneficial collection of knowledge, provided by some of the most successful names in eCommerce. If you want to join them and reach legendary Shopify achievements, be sure to take advantage of the amazing collective knowledge to be found on Shopify Learn.