It’s a known fact amongst brands and businesses that SEO is the key to maintaining a good internet presence, and in today’s world that can be vital to keep a business up. A basic knowledge of SEO will tell you that it keeps brands visible and easily accessible across search engines. But what else can it contribute to your business, and how?

The many benefits of using quality SEO are as follows.

The Importance Of Being Seen

It’s no secret that Google is the most visited website in the world. While other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are also widely used, Google specifically owns roughly 75 percent of the search market, making it the leading search engine. Given the widespread use of the site, consumers will be much more eager to make use of a brand’s website if it’s readily visible and trusted by Google.

Organic searches are a large part of a brand’s web performance, and they can ultimately decide whether or not a business’s website gains revenue.

That’s where SEO comes into play.

The goal of good SEO is to build a functional and visually appealing website with a good user experience that is easily accessible through search engines, which can greatly enhance a business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

However, it’s important to note that trust and credibility won’t develop immediately, even for a brand offering high quality products and/or services. It takes time and commitment to establish, but it’s well worth the effort.

An important factor in building a brand’s trust and credibility through its website is whether or not it provides an enjoyable user experience. Customers favor quick and easily accessible results, which can ultimately define a website’s success. Quality SEO can meet those needs and provide what the customer expects from a website, resulting in a satisfying user experience.

Benefits Of SEO On A Local Level

Local SEO is fundamental for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to maintain a profitable internet presence. It optimizes online properties for the surrounding vicinity to make a business more locally accessible and therefore more likely candidates for transactions.

SEOs can also optimize a brand’s Knowledge Graph panel and Google My Business listing to ensure local engagement, as well as showing attention to social media presence and user review websites.

With local SEO improving visibility and accessibility, more potential customers will be drawn to a business and the goods it has to offer, and thus increasing buyers and revenue for the business.

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Staying Ahead Of Competitors

However, for all it’s advantages for a brand’s website, implementing SEO tactics isn’t a one time thing. The World Wide Web is constantly changing, with Google alone updating and changing its algorithm thousands of times a year.

SEO is needed, then, to understand and stay on top of such a rapidly changing environment.

With constant monitoring and re-evaluation, a website stands much better chances of remaining visible, accessible, and up to date with its environment, thus maintaining a good user experience. Quality SEO also aids brands in finding new opportunities be discovered and to stand out amongst competition, one of the most lucrative being increasing a website’s odds of landing a top spot in search results.

A majority of click-throughs go to the top three organic search results, while about a third of first and second page results don’t get clicked at all. SEO helps a brand’s website to beat out competitors for the firstmost results of a search, increasing the number of prospective customers.

Making A Worthwhile Investment

SEO isn’t free. But it is relatively cheap, especially taking into account the benefits it entails. The more you invest in it, the better and longer lasting results you’ll get back. Even the most basic SEO will yield good results for a business, and investing both financially and in terms of time and effort will only build on the benefits.

In addition, while it’s not necessarily a basic task, SEO can be quantified, which can aid in understanding and improving the performance and success of a business. It can demonstrate just how a company has developed and improved over time, and how it can continue on a successful path.


With high-quality SEO implemented, a brand will be able to maintain a strong and profitable web presence, which is a major factor in running a successful business in today’s world. Investing the right amount of time, energy, and resources can mean an even greater return in the long run, which will be well worth it for your business.