These days, it’s evident that users of the ever-famous photo-sharing app have more in mind than posting a shot of their lunch — credit cards in proverbial hands, they are primed and ready to buy. Today, we’ll review the steps to integrate Instagram with Shopify so that you can reach millions of new shoppers and reap the many benefits of doing so.

Instagram & Shopify Integration Benefits

Integrating these two powerful resources can transform your business into an unstoppable eCommerce legacy. Here’s how:

  • You expand your reach and locate shoppers who may not have found your store otherwise.
  • Selling to customers in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere increases the chances they will close a sale.
  • Social media provides multiple opportunities per day to reach customers, whereas they may only visit your website once.
  • Instagram Shopping allows buyers to complete a purchase directly from your post or story, simplifying the sales funnel and increasing your conversion rate.
  • Instagram’s retargeting campaigns can help you attract customers on the app who have visited your Shopify site in the past.
  • Over 130 million people click on Instagram Shopping posts each month, which demonstrates users’ willingness to buy on and from the app.

Clearly, Instagram isn’t just for entertainment anymore. Rather, users spend billions of dollars each year shopping on the app, from small start-up shops to complex corporations. Are you ready to align your store with the best and cash in on the benefits? Let’s begin.

How to Integrate Instagram with Shopify

Before you can connect your Instagram to Shopify, you’ll need a Facebook Business Page properly set up on the Facebook Business Manager. This isn’t difficult, but, if you have issues, Facebook provides plenty of resources to help. Additionally, in order to enable selling, you must set your Instagram account type to Professional. You can adjust this by going to your account settings from your Instagram app.

Then, follow these steps:

Step 1 — Install the Facebook Sales Channel on Shopify

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you need to enable the Facebook sales channel in order to connect the latter with Shopify. However, doing so is simple. Keep in mind, though you don’t necessarily need to sell on Facebook in order to do so on Instagram, you may definitely want to.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your Shopify dashboard.
  • Click the Add (+) button next to Sales Channels.
  • Next, scroll through the list until you locate Facebook and click the Add (+) button, again.

Step 2 — Add Instagram Shopping to the Facebook Sales Channel

Once you’ve added the Facebook sales channel to your Shopify account, locate the Instagram Shopping section. Click Set Up To Start. Then, follow the prompts to connect the requested accounts, or set up final settings. Here are the sections you’ll complete or review:

  • Personal Facebook account
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Business Facebook page
  • Pixel Tracking (we explain installing the Pixel in this post)
  • Instagram business account
  • Facebook commerce
  • Terms and conditions

Thankfully, as with everything we’ve come to love about Shopify, the process is very intuitive. Though the list above may seem complex, most of the steps simply involve entering the designated account username, password, or other uncomplicated details.

Follow the prompts in each box until they all display a green checkmark. At that point, you’re ready to move on. Click the Request Approval button. It may take a few days to receive approval for your store. Instagram reviews your credentials, accounts, and products to make sure everything is in compliance with their site regulations.

Step 3 — Add Your Product Catalog to Instagram

Once your store is approved, you may add your products to your Instagram account and begin selling on the app. To do so, open your Instagram account and navigate to the new Shopping tab in your settings menu. Here, you may need to confirm your Facebook account once more.

Then, follow the prompts to choose the product catalog you’d like to enable on Instagram. The Shopify and Instagram integration provides automatic communication of your catalog between the two platforms. That means all you have to do is select the catalog, tap Done, and your products will load from Shopify to your new Instagram shopping tab. This includes variants, titles, descriptions, sizes, pricing, and more!

Troubleshooting & Tips

Q: Why do I need to connect so much information for Facebook just to sell on Instagram?

A: Facebook owns Instagram, so much of the data on the former is automatically applied to the latter. Facebook’s Commerce Manager, for instance, provides thorough insights regarding your Instagram Shopping activity.

Q: What is the Facebook Pixel, and why do I need it?

A: Facebook's tracking pixel, referred to simply as “the Pixel,” monitors, analyzes, and reports on users’ activity on your store, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. We created a detailed post for integrating Facebook with Shopify, here. In it, we explain how to install and set up the Facebook Pixel.

Q: Why don’t I see the Shopping section on my Instagram app settings?

A: Ensure your Instagram account type is set to “Business” or “Professional” and also connected to a Facebook business page. If both are correct, then your account is still under review or was rejected from Instagram Shopping.

Q: How do I edit my product information shown on Instagram? (price, title, description, etc.)

A: To adjust product information, you must edit the product listing from Shopify, first. Then, make sure to republish the updated product to Facebook, in order to resync the details with Instagram. Your product must have the same information across Instagram, Facebook, and Shopify.

Q: Why does Instagram display an incorrect product price?

A: First, double-check that the price is reflected correctly on Shopify in the Price and Compare-At-Price sections. If so, then go to your Facebook Commerce page and ensure there are no start or end dates in the sale information sections for that product.

Instagram & Shopify — An Integration Everyone Can "Like"

As one of the most popular all-in-one eCommerce platforms, Shopify makes it easy to sell to customers — no matter their virtual whereabouts. By integrating your Shopify store with Instagram, you can reach millions of new shoppers and scale your brand many times over. Make room, puppy paparazzi and scenic shooters; a revolution is about to hit the ‘gram — and it has your brand name all over it.

So, are you ready to grow? Feel free to reach out to our Shopify experts with any questions about your online journey. We love to make eCommerce dreams come true.